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I have looked at this page a few times and found the content very appealing. It seems that for me just going with the flow isn't going to work, because the flow I was going with was too abrasive, not life affirming. But what I see discussed here is that maybe we have simply had a big misunderstanding of how to best integrate sex into our lives. In a culture where at least by the standards of the main mediums of sexual expression "fucking" is what people want, coming from a different vantage point can seem scary. I know, because I do. I always have. I can remember as a teenager walking around parks with other guys and how they tried to encourage me to "bust a move" when I commented on a beautiful woman, and they would guffaw when I said I didn't want to. Granted part of that was positive, but what I am getting at is that I sensed that there was something different about the way I viewed women at the time although I couldn't put it into words at the time. Now it makes more sense. I could say alot about it. But for the purposes of this post I won't. But part of what I am looking for is someone who will support me in my efforts towards building more positive self esteem in regards to women. I am not looking for a big time commitment, nor do I have high expectations. This is just a step I am taking towards trying to make the best use of this page as one of the posters on here who is single and fears he will always be sometimes. I know that real sex positivity is possible. This is a strong belief of mine I could go on about at length given the right circumstances. The problem is that what is touted as sex positivity is often really just "anything goes", and I know enough to know that there really aren't that many people who that really works for. So then it seems that real sex positivity requires a respect for an ample portion of sexual conservativeness. These are hard won insights. I am looking for someone who wants to discuss these issues over a period of times. I have had support of this nature before, but never in a specific dedicated sort of way. Please let me know if you are interested in being my courtly companion.