Massive chaser after successful sex, healthy or obsessive?

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So after my successful sex last week I definatly got a pretty massive chaser effect even though I didn't O. It increased during the weekend and when i went to the bar i gravitated to a few slutty chicks and got numbers.

This morning was more insane, I hadn't felt so anxious since week 3! I was pretty much about to text a slutty girl I met a year ago because I knew shed be open to sleeping with me right away.

I decided to sensation MO to relieve this stress (a bit of F definately crept in), I didn't want to make any dumb decisions because I was so horny. now I'm a bit more clear headed but I'm still not sure what to make of it...

 Is my body just trying to replace PMO addiction with a sex addiction, or is this a healthy expression of my sexuality? What ARE the guidelines/signs defining healthy sex and obsessive sex?


Cold water!! Normal reaction

Cold water!! Normal reaction. It will go away quicker and quicker each time. I think we are so used to being human sperm banks out of habit the mind is screaming at first. Fight through it and it will get better!!

this got better for me

We are having sex almost every day and snuggling and spending time bonding together and I don't feel that awful horny feeling anymore. It went away. I do feel ready for sex any time, and I feel very focused and effective in my life compared to when I was masturbating and orgasming. I never want to go back to orgasming. You may feel that way too, but in any event, short term this gets much better at least in my experience.

Just masterbate plain Jane

Just masterbate plain Jane when you feel you must get relief and watch that it doesn't come back stronger. Your body probably realized you finally found a mate and wants to send signals to have sex with her as much as possible before she leaves. If you think back to our ancestors that seems perfectly reasonable because if your living a nomadic lifestyle the next opportunity to have sex could be months and months or even years. Just my two cents. Personally when this happened to me it got worse and I couldn't last longer than three days w/o masterbating