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I mentioned a few days ago that I was interested in trying out the technique detailed in the article below and put out a call for other guys to join me so we could get a better idea of whether this technique works/best practices. A few other guys said they were interested and we'll be tracking our progress in a new section on On the homepage, click on "Experiments", then "Meditation". Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

I have been doing this on and

I have been doing this on and off since January. I think I originally posted the link to that study back then. For me, it hasn't been super effective but I'm not consistent about it. I try to do 10-15 minutes a night before going to bed but this only happens a couple of times a week.

The study did mention that you have to do 2 sessions per day for several weeks.

fixme wrote:

[quote=fixme] I don't think I am anywhere close to being able to get erections at will.[/quote]
This is something I use to think about before I just said well I'm gonna do this and not think about it, the more you think about it,it makes you expect right then ang there. Just continue to meditate and go with the flow