Need help/ techniques to stop female orgasm

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Ever since I have stopped sex with orgasm (and all masturbation) it seems I am extremely sensitive to any sexual situation - it pretty much brings me right to orgasm. I have been sublimating my sexual energy often (every day if I can remember to). While I have noticed that I am much more attuned to "subtle" energies, my new found sensitivity has made sexual situations of any nature feel like stimulus overload. I go from feeling normal to feeling an orgasm start in a matter of seconds, and once it starts, I seem unable to stop it. This has even happened in my dreams and I wake up in the middle of an orgasm (and then i get very depressed).

Does anyone have any advice for how a woman can learn to control that energy once the path of the orgasm begins? Are there any techniques for how a woman can stop an orgasm from occurring? I looked all over the internet and this site; it seems that other women don't have this problem :( Thank you for your help!

Maybe you shouldn't fight it

Just hold the goal as your ultimate destination, and try to stay as relaxed as possible during intercourse. Deep breaths and consciously staying relaxed.

Orgasms without "trying" don't seem to produce as intense "hangovers," but we'd love to hear what your experience is with this. So if you climax, you climax. There are worse problems to have. BiggrinThings often settle down with time.

Have slow sex turtle slow. I have to be relaxed when starting sex. No lying to myself on how relaxed I am. I also have to have simple PIV starting out without any movement or verrrry slow. Like someone is setting a card on a card house.

Try doing deep breathing focusing on any pelvic tension you have and think to yourself, " the reason I have this tension is because I desire pleasure. I can have pleasure when I relax, rather than orgasm". Like a meditation

I hear you. After a period

I hear you. After a period of time.. a few days to a week, of not orgasming I seem to be unable to keep myself from doing so, even accidentally through very gentle stimulation.

What I do is breathe the arousal up into my body, and try to circulate it up my spine, through my skull then down the front of the body. Bringing it up that way appears to keep me from any kind of let down after orgasm.