New here, Starting my ED Fix

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Okay so i finally realize why im not as manly or masculine as my father and my cousins. Its because of my porn and masturbation habits. I started off very young probably around the age of 10. I hung out with my older cousin who was 5 years older then me. Who show me how to do it while watching porn. Getting older i notice i wasnt as strong wasnt as confident, missed out on endless girls and i didnt know why. I thought i missed something. Im 25 years old i never have a good sex experience. I tried but it didnt really feel like nothing . I then started looking up ways to boost my sex drive and then i found this site and read all these guys storys and finally found my problem. I tried quitting 7 times most i went was 27 days then gave in. I want to have sex and enjoy it im on day 17 and i been in the gym i dont wanna give in this time . I want to cure myself the summers down the street and im tryna go 90 plus days of no pmo. if i do ill get myself an escort it i dont have a girlfriend. Please good people help me out thanks

Good for you

figuring things out. Your generation has really been cheated.

Although you are welcome here, this is not necessarily the best place to recover. Most guys go to one of these forums instead, where there are more of them and all of them have experience with exactly what you are dealing with.




Whatever you do, good luck. You can find lots of tips and info on


i know it's a bit of a older post, but if your still here. i just want to say goodluck man. And i hope your still going strong. i am kind of in the same situation. Alltough i have had good experiences with having sex with a woman but now that i lost that...i want it back more then anything.. IT'S WORTH IT! KEEP GOING BUDDY!!