No ED, but pleasureless sex. Anyone with same issue?

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I have the unique problem that I don't have ED, but I feel nothing when I have sex with a woman. Most of the people on this site seem to have ED, so most solutions are related to that. Erection for me is easy - I get an erection just being in a room with a woman and having the possibility of sex on the horizon. But, otherwise than that my penis is pretty much useless (well useless to me, not her. Great to please, but I feel like a real life dildo.)

I'm tremendously grateful for this site because it is helping so many people and is the closest thing to a solution for my issue. However, but it's hard to sift through the testimonials to gleen info for my specific issue since most people suffer from ED, and the info is mostly about that.

What I would like to know, is if there's anyone who's focussed solely on solving sensation/pleasure issues independent of ED. What worked for that issue specifically? Do you know any testimonials based soley on that issue? Anything potentially helpful information would be great.

NOTE: I posted a blog about this prior here, and there was some great advice but I thought I'd ask again. Perhaps more people available with ideas. Also, I'm looking for people who've had the same issue.

well sure

I think many of us have felt that way. I have. But that's in the past. The Karezza bit here really changed my whole world. I feel a huge amount and I've seen lots of guys go through this from numb to really being amazing.

The mistake most guys make is to increase the physical stimulation and that simply makes the problem worse.

I had the same problem when I

I had the same problem when I was a teen/early twenties. Search for delayed ejaculation. For me the solution was more sex (I gradually felt less anxious about it) and to stop masturbating (I've never quit but lessening it definitely helps)