Not sure if its ED or nervous???first time user

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Hello am new on this forum hope this is the right place to speak about wanted to ask if i have ED or its normal not sure
I used to fap just like most guys do thats long ago to porn videos not addiction just from time to time not hardcore videos

used to watch for many years now since i got with a girl i stopped been like that for almost a year well year and half but in that time i watched few videos here and there nothing serious like once a week maybe twice

now first time i went with a girl am 23 btw i had erection all great she was happy even with BJ i got so hard

but thing is i dunno is it maybe cus it was my first time with a real girl u know first time ur worried kinda like nervous about it cus it was my first time having sex anyways i finished 3 times that day with her but last time i coulnt keep erection like i was afraid of changing position
cus i will lose my erection i dunno i think i was nervous to be honest its my first time
now keep it mind while i was having sex with her i was really hard but when i changed position my dick wasnt as hard why is that? but if she touch it or bj i get hard why cant it stay hard while changing postion??? is it cus i was so nervous and worried cus my first time?

I always have morning wood and i get extremely horny at morning and everytim i see a girl lol... thats since i stopped

i used to fap by my self with out porn nothing just normall fap at shower like old fashion way when i was really horny but now am trying not to fap at all

i train bodybuilder been for 8 years i eat extremely health i do 4 times cardio and i get horny alot like crazy and sometimes if i touch it it goes hard in no time

i havent watched porn for so long but angirl turn me on now but i stopped porn cus of what happen with me with thatr girl 1 and half year ago

so whats the problem guys why it happen ? is it ED or cus am nervous worried i could fail at having sex first time yes i lost shit at 22 cus of my religion dont wanna talk about it

now when i had sex while i was inside her i was all hard no problem what so ever its just while changing position my penis isnt as hard
Also if i dont fap for like sometimes i get alot of wet dreams and i become extremely horny if i stop fapping
should i cut fap even tho no porn or anthing just normal fap ? i dont watch porn for almost year and half while i did but not that much as i said here and there nothing serious i never was porn addiction was watching for fun to see how sex goes to be honest back intime
thanks everyone feel free to ask me i will get back to you

Doesn't sound like ED to me

If you can have sex and "finish" three times in a day, you're in good shape. And it doesn't sound like you have much of a porn habit either, so you're better off than a lot of the guys that show up here.

About losing your erection when changing positions, that sounds pretty normal. When you pull out of a warm, wet, tight place, Mr. Happy thinks the party is over and takes a rest. If you want to change positions and keep going, you can:

- Stay connected while changing positions. For example, when going from missionary to rear entry, just swing her leg over your head.

- Pull out, change positions, and get back in quickly. It helps if she knows what you want to do before you do it.

- Use your hand to stuff it back in (sometimes called "soft entry").

It sounds like you are performance oriented, like you consider the objective of sex is to have orgasms. Nothing wrong with that, but this forum is mostly about another way of making love where orgasm is not the objective.

You'll probably think I'm crazy, but having orgasms can have some side effects that can put a strain on your relationships. We sometimes hear "Our relationship was great until we started having sex." It's not necessarily sex in general that causes the problem, but rather the orgasms that mess up your brain chemistry for a week or two and cause you and your partner to see each other in a less favorable light.

It may not make sense to you right now, but read this and file it mentally for future reference in case you have problems with your relationships after having sex:

No one is a machine

Genitals have minds of their own sometimes and if you're going to get all rattled every time you don't perform like a porn star, you're gonna be miserable. Learn to say, "Well, it's not time yet" and put your attention on adoring your partner.

You sound perfectly healthy to me. Just know that you are not a fountain of semen. You don't have to finish every time you engage with someone. Exhausting your sexual desire for each other is unwise because it can create subconscious resentment. Perhaps your body is trying to show you healthy limits.

Orgasm's Hidden Cycle | Reuniting


thanks alot for the replys yes it was my first time with that girl having sex so you know i dont have alot of

experience am not ashamed to say it cus of my religion she was my first sometimes i was so nerves that she was doing me HJ or bj and i couldnt feel it but when i did it by my self it went hard i guess i need time to

get used to each other as that was my first time having sex but since but i will cut masturbating from now on

to zero and yes i wanted her to finish first but it didnt work i didnt last long probably 10mins or sth like that

so iwent on trying kegal exercise the reason i was fapping is to try kegal going to the point of where ur about to finish and hold it back just to last longer i was trying it is there a harm while doing it ?

is it bad to do it and not finish off ? is there a harm on the penis ?

thanks everyone for the answer!


thanks alot yes ur right there was times where my girl was doing me BJ and hJ i coulnt feel it much unless i do it my self i will give up on masturbating once and for all even tho i dont do it much but i will give it up on it
thanks alot i have learn alot from the website and members here! cheers