Ok I defiantly need some guidance

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hi everyone,

I've been trying to quit for 2-3years now since i got into different types p*rn. I have no ED symptoms, and this year I would usually go 5 days relapse 7 days relapse 4 days relapse, no real streaks but still making a effort to quit. I feel because of the huge amount of stress my life has presented me with, my will power for quitting p*rn isn't there.
I've booked a doctors appointment to run some blood tests because I have a whole bunch of symptoms making my life miserable, which I have a slight hunch that overmaster bating is making worse/is the cause. I've read about prolonged levels of cortisol can cause many problems in the body, and I've over master bated and had prolonged high stress.


Installing k9 tonight its been 3 years to many watching this crap.. I did have k9 before but it made the dopamine rush even worse. I really am having a hard time with this


It's worth putting together a streak before you start asking yourself questions about your sexual identity. For many young porn users, content is a very poor indication of sexual identity. They are escalating because their brains are adversely affected by so much porn use. (Masturbation frequency can be part of it too.)

Watch this: Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn - YouTube

Then, join this forum, where many guys are struggling with the same thing: www.yourbrainrebalanced.com.

Good luck!


I've been making active changes in my life more than before, I installed K9 and have been going 5-7 days per MO and something quite SCARY happened.

I wrote a 7-9 digit K9 password number, random and discarded the piece of paper behind a old cabinet. The other night i awoke feeling sick with anxiety and had a urge to look at porn.. i awoke and my brain remembered the code that i otherwise would have forgotten...I relapsed. It must of really wanted that dopamine hit? sorry but what the ****!!!!!! the code was like 8345834 and i remembered it??

back to the start for me

hi marnia

yeah I'm going for it big time now.

that incident made me realize a lot. I burnt the piece of paper with the code on so that I would have to reformat if i wanted to look at porn.

I would like to share something with you, deleted main part of story on first post because I'm ashamed of it. I got my blood tests back and they were normal, It feels as though over the years of masturbating to porn I've damaged myself - do you think its possible? do you think It could cause problems with your skin? fatigue, dark circles under the eyes etc. The doctor said that she believes it is stress/anxiety related - maybe the stress in my life joint with the stress OM causes on the body? I don't know, i would like your opinion.

My symptoms (a few)

It feels as though i have fluid retention/puffy face.
I have a underlying rash on my arms, chest, back, legs & face.
Fatigue/Tired all the time & weakness.
dark circles under eyes
depression from feeling bad/looking bad
Sinus/head pressure

If i get a good few months streak and my symptoms clear up.. my god. I would like to do a full and detailed post about it.

I'm not a doctor

However, I have been absolutely amazed that the symptoms that guys have reported disappeared after quitting porn for a couple of months. That doesn't mean every guy sees every symptom disappear, but every symptom you list....multiple guys have reported disappearing after quitting.

It's defintely worth a try. Just know that the discomfort and symptoms sometimes get worse off and on during the first few weeks.

Can you join a support forum? It's good to get pep talks from your peers.





Everything we've learned from the men recovering is collected here: www.yourbrainonporn.com

Here's a long list of benefits reported. It's not really up to date, because I've added more since. BENEFITS

I'm on day 8 or 9, the

I'm on day 8 or 9, the longest I've ever gone and i am flat lining big time. came to write here instead of getting anxious and carried away over my penis feels twice as small. It's been dead for the past 5-6 days, and i was fine but today its worrying me a bit. I am realizing a lot though especially about what my true addiction has been. For me it wasn't so much about getting off and being turned on by porn, but to numb myself and escape from my problems. I am in the mind frame of that part of my life is over, but It's just this flat lining that has caused some turbulence.

and thank you Marnia, i will try those forums as well

Yes, it's unnerving

but it's temporary. Just relax and enjoy your "time-out." Here are lots of stories about it: "Help! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and libido are decreasing"

The flatline is a sign that your brain is healing. Let it do its job and stay busy. Decide not to worry about your dick for several weeks. Put your attention elsewhere.

Lots of good techniques for regulating your anxiety here: ♦Solo Tools

messed up

had anxiety all day and messed up, no porn though. Now i got anxiety making me sick to look at some how i hate this!!!! the constant anxiety is a reminder. I wondering weather to just have a x on today and continue my count to not be discouraged only If i don't look at porn. feels like time is 50 times slower when you have anxiety..

update feels like I'm starting to get hocd... I can laugh it off because I know it isn't true but it doesn't stop it from being annoying.

Anxiety is awful

And it's not unusual for it to drive HOCD during recovery. Good job avoiding porn.

See what you notice over the next few days: What is "the chaser?"

This page has lots of ideas for reducing anxiety: ♦Solo Tools . You don't have to "just suffer." Are you meditating? Socializing?

It will get easier. Stay the course. Occasional masturbation (once a week?) may be no big deal...if you can keep from escalating to porn.