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This one was kinda right in my face the whole time, and yet it took me so long to realise it. The best tool that I can think of in terms of beating an addiction, discipline, mastery of an art, or just anything in general is: Giving advice to people struggling in the same way that you are.
I don't know why it works that way, but when you give sincere advice to people whether you are wrong or right, it's almost as if you're talking to yourself and teaching yourself. I've always heard that we're our own best teachers, but talking to oneslf is generally discouraged and can probably lead to some kind of mental disorder. However, when we relate to someone else in a way as to give advice, it's like a key to so much knowledge stored somewhere in our minds becomes available to us. Remember to keep it sincere.
Hope this helps.


I wonder how many ways that knowledge can be applied though. Of course people will be encouraged to seek out some kind of companionship, but very often people can seem far too overstimulating during withdrawal. Usually after a relapse, I tend to be drawn to tv sitcoms that make me laugh but more importantly make me feel like I'm close to someone without actually being there. Even though it's the opposite of what is encouraged, it always makes me feel better until I can deal with real people again. Then Tv becomes boring to me.

Good tip

I've always liked this saying, too:

"We teach best what we most need to learn." I've learned a lot from the wise recovering guys on this forum.