Orgasm frequency

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It seems many couples report occasionally orgasming. How occasional is an occasional orgasm? I guess is this would depend on variables such as age, duration of partnership, lifestyle factors such as stress, etc. How have you found this varied as you have become more practiced with karezza?

one thing I've learned

is not to try to control or influence my partner in this area. I think doing so early on was a mistake. I think one objection people have to Karezza is "I spoke to my partner and he/she isn't interested." Well, I think, just go for what you want anyway. Lead by example. I'm perfectly fine with my partner having all the orgasms she wants now. I think this is a much better approach for us anyway.


I've pondered the question of direction a great deal myself. Being into a certain practice (i.e. Karezza) is very limiting if you want to connect with people in my experience. The people who are into it are rare and those who aren't feel controlled or threatened when they find out that's your bottom line. Being into Love, Intimacy, Healing, Depth, Joining is a little broader and Karezza is simply a series of practices that support them. Finding people who are into this is a little easier in theory, but has its challenges too (I find most people are, at a practical level, more interested in Relationship, Politics, and Sex than Love, Healing, and Intimacy). The good thing about these qualities is that you can apply them to your own body, mind, and emotions and still gain much benefit, perhaps preparing the ground for a more challenging and more deeply rewarding connection with another person (whereas doing Karezza alone is virtually impossible).

Just a thought.