Orgasm without ejaculating BAD?

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Ok so i just learned how to masturbate then orgasm without ejaculating. It's not that hard for me...I'm not going to the whole process on how i do it. But my question is if you have an orgasm no matter if you ejaculate or not, do you have the "cycle" effect, or loss of energy, lose confident, low self-esteem,...etc I figured if I have an orgasm, my brain release dopamin and many chemicals we talked about here causing the hangover period... So does it really have any benefits of not ejaculating while having an orgasm? Does it even matter at all?

I think you should be the one to answer

that question. What has your experience been? If you don't like your results, experiment with something else.

My question is: Are you just masturbating to sensations, or are you fantasizing using porn scenarios or Internet stimulation of some kind?

Well honestly I was on porn..

Well honestly I was on porn...without ejaculation the orgasm doesn't feel as good as with ejaculation but I still enjoy it. At the moment of orgasm, I had to put 100% of my concetration to stop ejaculating by holding tight to the base of my penis and usethe muscle around my butt and balls. I forgot what's it called...just like when I'm trying to stop felt different without orgasm like I could go on to another round....I had 5orgasm without ejaculation last night and afterward i didnt felt any guitar or tiredness like I used to...and my penis felt like I didn't masturbate at all, I could go again and again...normally after ejaculated the penis felt really sensitive to masturbate again simultaneously


For sharing this. I know what you're talking about. I have tried this. My experience is that it's a lot of work and afterward I find myself asking what's the whole point of it. Also, when I think I'm getting ahead with that, one thing that isn't part of this equation is that there is always the "inadvertent" ejaculating, and when that happens it surprises me because ejaculating seems to be the furthest thing from my mind. I think somehow that I can "control" it when I'm hooked into that fertilization approach, but what I find is that my other head seems to have a mind of it's own and when it's ready to do something it will just do it and could care less what I think about it.

I don't know that I've had orgasms the way you've mentioned, just a lot of sensation. For all I know I could have had orgasms but this is something I get confused about. At any rate, I do know that for me "personally" porn just isn't all it's cracked up to be and that I feel so much better when I don't ejaculate and when I can relate to and totally enjoy the opposite sex without having to be so lust bound.

he knows :-)

Your comment made me chuckle because it sounds like what people say about karezza. And those of us that try it know that it's actually very fun and very natural!! So has been my husband's experience with O without E.

Hard to say

We had a guy here who managed to give himself ED without ever viewing porn. (Just viewed tons of stills of models per session.) I think he was also into conserving his semen, so he wasn't ejaculating much.

Brains are different. Pay attention and yours will let you know if it's too much stimulation. Did you watch Gary's videos? Ultimately, the risk comes down to dopamine overstimulation...however you get it.

my husband has been experimenting with this

My husband, a recovering PMO addict, has been experimenting with using his pelvic muscles to stop ejaculation during sex with me, but allowing orgasm. He says it's more of a full body sensation than the "regular orgasm," which lasts for a few seconds, in a concentrated area, and then is over. Plus, with no E, he feels he does not experience the brain fog that comes with a regular orgasm. And I have noticed a difference too. If he loses control and leaks even a little, he does tend to get brain fog and lose a little ground on his reboot. It also appears to be cumulative. One regular O seems not so bad, but O leads to more, which leads to problems. (He's seven months into it and both he and our marriage are making amazing progress!) But if he Es without O he can do that several times, as opposed to a regular orgasm, which happens only once for him, and he does not feel, nor do I notice, any negative effects.

Fascinating, eh?

Your explorations show that, contrary to  lot of traditional lore on this subjecct, the "brain buzz" of orgasm is a critical factor in subsequent percerption and energy shifts. It's not all about semen.

I know I sound lilke a broken record, but humanity has a lot to learn about human sexuality.

Glad to hear your marriage is going better. Sometimes just knowing what is causing those shifts can be very helpful.