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Hi all,
It is said that gentle penis massage releases oxytocin in the brain. I want to know how it happens in the body and also i would like to know how women can give gentle massage i.e. steps in using her hand to give massage.

If I may add one more question

dailykarezza, sorry to bump in, I did some experiments with very light, feather like touches and observing the feeling and I can say it has dragged me out of a deepening hole at almost 60 days since my last orgasm. Of course I didn't masturbate or orgasm, just touched my chest, stomach, genital area very gently. I now feel like I can have my cake and eat it too. Does gentle self touching also release oxytocin?

dailykarezza, about your question, in light of what I just said, try experimenting on your own body, what kind of touch feels soothing, which one feels too arousing and so on. Besides the obvious biological differences between men and women we may be similar in terms of sensation. And then you can of course go experiment on your partner and have him give feedback.