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Obviously, our host is still having major issues, and service is unsatisfactory. We're hampered by the fact that we're out of town, but are still considering options for sorting the situation out. Thanks for your patience.

If they did, they took out

If they did, they took out porn too. I happened to click a random link from a Twitter feed and chuckled when I realized it was porn(-esque) down due to the dreamhost outage. Too bad we can't convince the porn sites to use hosts that go down so all brains can rest.

This site

Is hosted on a major hosting service, using a VPS and the message/post data is stored on separate servers in a SQL database.  This last week, the hosting service has had serious downtime issues, including multiple servers with raid drive issues, and the details of those issues are not something they've shared with the customers.  Additionally, they had a major router go out between data centers, causing further issues.   It's not been pretty.  And while there's been plenty of speculation as to the cause, I have seen nothing concrete.


No worries...this is a time to say thank you.

We aren't going anywhere. Having this site down for a bit means I've just had to rely more on my routines and networks. Without it for a little bit, I'm reminded just how valuable it is. And of course I am thankful that this web forum is a free service. There are those on the web who seek to profit from our misery and this is not one of those places. Thanks for all you have done!

Same here!

I haven't found any other site that tackles the issue of healing at our most intimate level so skillfully. I can be patient. I'm still here. Thanks for all you've done. Smile