Probiotics and oxytocin

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Here's an interesting article linking ingested probiotics with the benefits of more oxytocin production. (I hope this isn't a duplicate, and if so, that this post is eliminated). There's a lot about wound healing also, and how it's related to oxytocin.


Hi Islander,

Thanks for posting this article. It's very interesting. I recently saw a talk by Dr. Jill Carnahan where she discussed the connection between gut microbiology and depression. She was fascinating. Unfortunately, the talk was only available for a couple of days on-line. The whole field of gut ecology seems to be taking off. In the talk, she mentioned that people who live in tribes that have been untouched by modern civilization have gut microbe diversities much much higher (I think she said 30-100 times) than that of healthy people in our culture. It would be interesting to see what their background oxytocin levels are.



It does not take much time to

It does not take much time to make fermented foods, which contain lots of antibiotics. The culture, and time, does all the work. A great book with recipes from all over the world -- and with wonderful explanations, history, and selections from historic food and medicine books, all along in the sides of the pages -- is 'Nourishing Traditions' by Sally Fallon. A noted fellow in the gardening and nutrition community called it the most important book in the world. It, along with 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' by Dr. Price, has greatly shaped my cooking and eating.

Things that I make and that we eat daily or nearly so include yogurt (for our dog, as we are allergic to cow's milk), sauerkraut, fermented orange juice, fermented lemonade, fermented beet juice, fermented oatmeal, and fermented refried beans. I also buy natto (fermented soybeans, a particularly rich source of vitamin K2). I will try my hand at making sourdough rye (we are allergic to modern and ancient wheats) bread this week.

My mouth flora has so improved that my teeth stay smooth and clean all the time, with only brushing after meals and occasional flossing. I have not gone to the dentist for a teeth cleaning in six and a half years; before my change in diet, I had to have my teeth cleaned every three months, despite always brushing after meals and flossing daily.

I think my periodic 'oil pulling' with coconut oil helps my mouth flora, also.