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I occasionally use an Aneros massager. This relieves the prostate build up of not having ejaculatory orgasms. It can result in some less intense orgasmic feelings, but they don 't seem to drain like a normal orgasm. It seems to leave my sexual system working a bit better too. Healthy way to relieve the sexual tension without bating? Or can this lead to problems when re-balancing?

I think it improves

I think it improves circulation to the sex organs. But it also increases my interest in sex and women. Because I tend to lose interest if I don't do anything sexual. So, I guess its useful physically and mentally speaking. Eliminates the prostate pain during urination that happens when not having orgasms regularly, as well.

I don't know, its just that

I don't know, its just that going long periods without sexual stimulation of any kind makes me irritable. Its pretty unlikely that I can do it. Would the massage be considered extreme even if no porn or fantasy is involved? It does tend to lead me back to craving sex more. But its frustrating having no interest in pursuing woman for however many weeks its going to take. I'm back at the one week mark and it was hard making it this long. Went without stimulation until about day 5, but things get boring after a while.

I guess what I'm saying here

I guess what I'm saying here is; If I eliminate the porn and fantasy. But keep the occasional massage and orgasm. Recovery still happens, if I still have the willpower not to go back to porn or fantasy, yes?

I don't know,

but irritability and flatlines are a normal part of recovery. And they can go on for months before normal libido is restored. If you have time, listen to this radio show:

I realize you didn't get ED, but an aneros really is pretty extreme stimulation. I bet very few of your ancestors found it necessary to get excited about sex. We're living in strange times....

It should also be told I used

It should also be told I used to suffer from pretty chronic prostate inflammation, which tends to return when my prostate isn't be emptied in some way.

I've done edging (worst idea ever), but I'd say the effects are pretty different. Edging tends to turn me into a creepy pervert. Whereas prostate massage just tends to increase my energy and slight increased interest in sex. ...But not to the point where its creepy. just to the point where the interest is actually there.