Psychological Healing?

Submitted by John G. on
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My wife and I have been at Karezza for two years now. I think I have just noticed a big psychological change, and for the better, in me.

I used to crave sex with my wife. When I did not get it when I asked for it, I used to feel -- and act out -- hurt. E.g., I would leave the room and give her the silent treatment for an hour or two.

Within the past month or so, I now notice that I still indeed look forward to, and ask for, sex with my wife, and often (at least daily). But, I have noticed that when she is busy, tired, or whatever, and says 'no' or 'later,' that I no longer feel hurt. And, I no longer act hurt. I may move on to working on my list of things. But, I do so in a perfectly comfortable and contented fashion, and am most pleasant and caring with her.

Maybe it is finally -- after 24 years of marriage -- getting through my thick skull and newly-opening heart to trust my wife and understand that she really does love me. I have that sense from her, now.

I think Karezza has a big role in this newfound change in me. Our intercourse is alternately physical, comforting, and giving. I think our intercourse really is opening my heart to fully trust my wife.

Maybe we two are becoming one.

It's really interesting

how this practice can help couples come into harmony. My guess is that we stop projecting feelings of lack onto each other, which alters how we assess each other's motives. It's like wearing the rose-tinted glasses intead of that other pair. Diablo