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And basically it reinforced exactly what marnia and Gary have been talking about. He said that it is actually possible to erase brain maps in our brains as there are four different stages in our life which produce mass amounts of oxytocin and other chemicals that can change our brain structure. These are infancy, puberty, when one falls in love and having a kid. I would like to address the last two. During love there is such a great amount of oxytocin released, that it can erase old brain maps and create new ones in terms of taste, sexuality, etc. there were accounts of men who found usually unattractive features to be very attractive, for example moles. This was due to there brain changing in what doidge described to be the honeymoon period. He also said that when mothers give birth and a male becomes a father, there is a chemical let out ( forgot the name ) that makes the individual less selfish in terms of achieving ones personal goals.