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hello, i' new to this site, been doing my own rewiring process and this site has helped me so much. For 3 months now, I've stopped my porn viewing habit and thus no longer have the constant craving like i had before.

My question is, would reading erotic literature set me back on my efforts? I used to read stories and having a very vivid imagination and i can get extremely aroused during my reading sessions. Is reading erotic literature same as viewing porn, or is it more "harmless" since your conjuring up your own visuals ( but still is considered fantasizing). I usually had the urge to masturbate when I read these stories, but having controlled my masturbation habit to once or twice a month, i believe I'm STRONGER to resist the temptation to wank whist reading . Will reading erotica undo my efforts, recovery wise? Thanks a lot.


link emerson. To add another angle to this, i am very creative and end up dictating/writing fantasies to web girls...and yes i see now it is as bad as porn (maybe not to someone that has never damaged their neural pathways, but for me) as when i write i have to imagine the scene, quite vividly...on top of this they are 3rd party and reinforce that 3rd party perspective.

I always new it was harmful as i noticed a deterioation in erections when i relapsed to fantasy talk during my reboot...for some reason i still went back to it...i have spent thousands on it...insane, i do the work of making the stories and i pay girls to listen to it lol.

Anyway, i realise now that my reboot will never be complete until i get that dopamine 'avenue' out of my system permanently, i usually go back within two months of abstaining, now i need to say goodbye to it for good...this may be harder than giving up porn for me!

And welcome to this site dhovakiin, it's a good question you ask.

thank you guys,I guess i was

thank you guys,I guess i was trying to convince myself that reading is the lesser evil compared to actually watching, emerson had a point that its more harmful and yes i believe it will just set me back. thanks you all.

Fus ro dah!

I love erotic literature too! It's so hard to get rid of them since I could easily read them from my cellphone. But I am giving it up!!!