Rebooting and food binging

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I know that binging on high calorie, high fat foods cause similar levels of dopamine release as does PMO. Question is, if one is in the process of abstaining from PMO in order to reboot, is binging on a pint of ice cream interfering with the process?

Well, it's hard to say

Guys do report that there's some overlap. For example a couple of years ago there was a standing joke on the forum that eating a bag of chips caused a wet dream or a relapse (can't remember). What really matters is what's true for you.

in any case, it doesn't pay too get to strict with yourself. One addiction at a time. Wink

i know when i started to

i know when i started to reboot my appetite got a lot bigger. its probably because my brain was looking for other dopamine sources. It did not interfere at all in the long run but just make sure your doing other things to give yourself pleasure other than eating.