Recovery to Relapse: A Repeating Cycle

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It's just a vicious cycle for me. For the past half year i've been trying to rid porn from my life. It usually goes like this....2 weeks, no pmo, feeling great, confident, full of energy, heart is opening up etc. Then out of nowhere i find an excuse to give in...back to square one.

This weekend it happened again. Two weeks no PMO followed up by a three day binge with super-long porn sessions. The hangover from the binge is perhaps the worst i've experienced...depression, apathy, no desire to socialize, headaches, isolation.

I don't know where to go from here. I can go a certain period of time but in the end i keep falling back into this. I feel so amazing without PMO, it just makes no sense why i keep returning to something so painful for me. It's like my primitive brain is over-riding what's best for me for a few fleeting moments of pleasure.

Just wondering how to get out of this cycle for good.




I know that pattern all too well, but one thing I've noticed that really helps me is exercise. Whenever I get the urge now (well, most times), I'll either go to the gym or put on my shoes and try to beat my 5-mile best run time. That pretty much always kills the urge, usually for the rest of the day.

I think one of the keys to beating this addiction, or any for that matter, is to replace the destructive habit with a healthy and productive one.

That's just one thing that has helped me, I'm sure others can suggest more.

Good luck!


re: BrittleB

Thanks for the advice. I actually just started a 30 minute exercise routine today because i've heard it works wonders.

I've noticed though, that the urge can become especially prevalent at night when i'm all alone in my bed. This isn't exactly a convenient time to exercise so i'm going to have to figure something out for that.

Perhaps the exercise routine will help me sleep easier and the urges will reduce. We shall see.


Me too, the longest time i have been without PMO was 86 days,but it is so easy to fall back. After last relapses i have felt extreme hangovers, it makes me stronger not to watch it anymore. Just to for a walk even if its really late,thats what i m going to do next time when i need to.

Good point Brittle

I'm on a similar two week binge cycle. I got I'll in April, May had a serious hamstring pull, and only did my first run yesterday in about a month. It helped my brain, ease the pressure. I was marathon training most of the previous year, and it seriously reduced many of my cravings. Looking forward to begin training for my next one. Thanks for the reminder.