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So exactly 5 days from now, I will be visiting my girlfriend who I haven't seen in 4 months. Problem is, I'm flatlining and have no libido and weak erections. I'm 17 and have been rebooting for 2 months. We had sex a lot before she left and I'm so scared when I see her I won't get an erection. I'm so scared!!!

what if you don't?

what's the worst that will happen if you don't get an erection?

The fact is that you can't force an erection or make it happen. In fact the more you try, the tougher it is to get an keep an erection. Erections happen when you relax. Not when you are worried and trying to force them.

It's far better to look forward to pleasure and love with your girlfriend and have a "see what happens" attitude. I know it's difficult to think that way, but that is the only way that actually works. You and she can see if your willy rises to the occasion or not. You both get to find out. That's the reality of it, and it is especially nice and easy if you just surrender to that fact and see what happens.

Meanwhile you can give her great pleasure orally and in other ways, and have a wonderful time.

Meanwhile, I guess you are flatlining because you are getting out of the porn thing? Congratulations, you are so smart and wonderful to be doing that. I'd like to know a little more about your story to give you some better help.

@emerson, thanks for the

@emerson, thanks for the advice. Just reason it helped me relax as I've been stressed all day. So here's a little background. I've been using porn for the past 5 years and I started the reboot about 70 days ago. I did have about 4 orgasms in this time and a small flatline in the beggining. I'm 17 years old. I don't know if this helps but again, thank you fr the reply :)

What about coming clean with her?

Young women know there's something crazy going on with Internet porn's effects. They just don't know how insane it is because they've known nothing else. To those of us not raised on it, for example, this woman's story is completely...well...dysfunctional on many levels.

But your sweetie has probably been hearing rumors, so be honest with her. Make it clear that you think she's gorgeous, and that one reason you want to reboot is to make sure your relationship is as satisfying as possible for both of you. Explain that no one knew of highspeed's adverse effects and that more and more guys are reporting them. You're not a freak!

Send her to YBOP if she has questions. It might help her to read about other guys' flatlines, so she know's it has nothing to do with her:

"Help! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and libido are decreasing"

And you may find this FAQ helpful just now:

What do I tell my girlfriend?

Being honest with a partner can be really healing and empowering. Let us know how it goes. And remember to snuggle a lot during your time together, even if Mr. Happy isn't cooperating. And, if he springs into action try to avoid during orgasm during sex on this trip. Just relax and take it slow. You can make up for lost time later. Wink