semen leakage

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Dont know if this is the right place to post this.
For many years it has leaked something(clear liquid, but sticky like sperm) whenever I got horny. I have read on yourbrainonporn that a one of the sign that u have recovered from pmo addiction is when semen leakage has stopped.
After I had a 90 days abstinence I still got this leakage when I was in bed cuddling with a girl. But I notice however that the leakage is greater when I am binging on pmo. So is this leakage a sign that I am not completely recovered. Do I have semen leakage, or is it something else? And are there some methods to cure it?

you're confusing things.

you're confusing things.

Semen leakage happens when you're urinating. What you experience is just that you're getting turned on more easily. I can also encounter this when i'm kissing with a girl.

Ever heared of pre-fluid?

you're fine!