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I am working on staying off porn. so far my best is three months. Lately have been able to go a month at a time w/o using it, but then I'll have a bad week or two. Trying to pull myself out of a current slump.

I have recently discovered something interesting about my sleep cycle and O. As with porn I can go a month or so without MN or O, however during that time sleep becomes difficult and I end up getting about 5-6 hours at the most. However if I O before bed (or when I wake in the middle of the night), I can get a good 7-8 hours of sleep like I need. I am thinking of taking up MN and O again for strategic reasons; I am tired of getting exhausted in the middle of the day and not being able to function fully especially when I know a remedy. Is there anything I can do to help my sleep without O? I have tried multiple supplements and diet changes but nothing has worked. Otherwise, how bad for me is it to MN and O 3 times a week?

I should note I don't think I am in need of a full on 'reboot' (I could be wrong). Porn is a problem but not my 'master' so to speak. When it comes to sexual performance I am good, though do suffer a little PE >_>. As you can probably tell, I am not partnered with anyone, so release there is not yet an option.


you're going through withdrawal

when you don't have an orgasm for awhile, you are going through withdrawal. If you work through this, you probably will start to sleep normally. I think you *do* need a full reboot from what you describe. Only you can be the judge of that but the mind has a great way of rationalizing and justifying its need for dopamine.


Thanks for the reply, maybe its something I can work on over the summer. Right now school + lack of sleep does not go together well. I do have a question, what exactly will it look like when I've "rebooted"? I don't require porn to masturbate, though sometimes I do utilize fantasy too much. Perhaps cutting out fantasy is something i need to work on. I will say my 'sleep' discovery was one made by my counselor, that is I hadn't connected MO and sleep until very recently. So I don't know if so much of rationalizing dopamine as it is body balancing.


it's your laboratory. In terms of balance, many guys notice a turning point at about two months.

Without a partner, you may eventually have to pick a schedule for masturbation. If you do abstain for another long period, you might want to try a less frequent schedule...say every two start with. Sometimes "less is more" with masturbation, in part because frequent can become "more frequent" and more demanding of hotter stimuli. If you can't fall asleep without daily masturbation, you may need a longer timeout. Less frequent can also make you more likely to go find a partner. Wink

Not sure if you'll find anything useful here, but:

There's no "wrong" answer. It's just a matter of what works best for you.


Thank you for the reply! I may have to try scheduled MO. I certainly have to be careful about "more frequent", I definitely would prefer not to masturbate at all, but doesn't seem to be clicking for me. The one thing about being desirous of a partner is that it can make me closer to desperate; certainly not a place I want to be when looking for a healthy relationship. Haha! sigh, seems like a difficult balancing act.