Slightly different solution to Death Grip Or Lack of sensitivity.

Submitted by KevinRV on
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When I do a search for 'Death Grip cure' on Google, I come across a solution presented that is pretty similar to what is presented here, except without the recommendation to avoid orgasm. The basic solution presented is 1 month long, with possibly more time required: 1 week avoiding masturbation to build up desire. 2nd week only masturbate once when erection comes naturally and desire is intense.. 3rd-4th and beyond, masturbate 2 times a week, again only when naturally horny. All the while using very gentle, vagina like stimuli, focusing on the sensations, and to mix things up a bit. Basically, it doesn't mention any hinderance coming from orgasming.
This would be great because I've been finding it very hard to engage in any sexual activity and avoid orgasm. Particularly, it was recommended here that I get with a woman and don't orgasm with her. But I find it very very hard to not orgasm with a woman. Especially if I want to please her, speeding up at the end to give her an orgasm makes me come every time.
I'm curious if anyone has solved sensitivity issues while still orgasming like described in my searches? It would very simple to only have sex when I'm extremely horny and prolong orgasm in those situations, but not avoid it entirely.

I'd rather not promote some website here, but it's presented her for the curious: and I've seen similar recommendations elsewhere.