start karezza before "2 week reboot?

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is it possible to successfully begin karezza intercouse before 2 week abstinence? i ask because me and my girlfriend began the exchanges and abstained for almost 2 weeks but then gave in and had sex with orgasms. we picked our selves up and started over again but yesterday she was very aroused and we had sex. this was only 3 days after orgasms. I was very relaxed and tried the techniques and was successful in maintaining a mid level of arousal and no orgasm. i saw it as a successful karezza session and i felt great afterwards and very loving towards her. i had no, and still dont have any cravings for orgasm even this morning when she straddled me like usual when we woke up. usually, i find this very arousing and i would grind on her a bit and feel her up. but this morning i just hugged her tight and rubbed her back and neck. so could i be in the clear?

if you can avoid an orgasm yourself

and you can make love to your girlfriend, you are a lucky guy!

I believe that sex without an orgasm and lots of bonding behaviors makes rebooting really easy.

Even if she has an orgasm doesn't mean you have to have one. Of course, easier said than done!

No worries

the biggest risk for us (when we were learning), is that our self control is a bit weaker, off and on, for about two weeks. Just notice whatever you notice.

And enjoy your explorations. laugh