Struggling to kick habit need to document for sake

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Today will mark first day of the last day of porn use! Hopefully I will document the following days weeks and month with positive results. I have relapsed on several accounts but have witnessed many benefits only to go back. This journal will hopefully keep me on track. It is difficult as my mind loves playing tricks on me and is quite good at it wish me luck!

you can do it! This is

you can do it! This is something we can all beat.

I found writing here or at least commenting was a great help. Rememberthose benfits you saw and focus on getting there and building on all your successes.

Stay strong!

on the road to recovery

I slipped two weeks in, Fortunatley no p. Since than no slip ups! The cravingings are virtually non existent and I have experienced some physical changes but no mental ones yet. I am a very active person so it has been helpful with the abstinence. Little time has elapsed but it's felt like a while. When do y'all start noticing psychological change? Thx for the support!