Study: Does your partner's personality affect your health? Actor and partner effects of the Big Five personality traits

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This was fascinating. Sexologists behave as if a partner's openness to sexual experience is the loftiest, healthiest outcome for sex - whatever the costs. Turns out that "conscienciousness" yields better health and quality of life returns.

Does your partner's personality affect your health? Actor and partner effects of the Big Five personality traits


The Big Five personality traits are powerful predictors of health and longevity. However, few studies have addressed partner effects of personality on health, whereby the personalities of people close to us affect our health. The current study examined the partner effects of Big Five traits on health behaviours, mood, and quality of life in romantic couples. Here, 182 romantic couples (N = 364 participants; Mage = 35.7 years) completed self-report measures of the Big Five (TIPI), health behaviours (GPHB), mood (DASS-21) and quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF). Data were analysed using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model and showed significant partner effects of conscientiousness on quality of life. No other partner effects of the Big Five were found. These findings suggest that there are specific, focussed associations between health and a romantic partner's personality.

"Conscientiousness" is the factor most related to better heath and quality of life. This makes sense, as "close, trusted relationship" has often been correlated with greater wellbeing. A flaky partner isn't really trustworthy as a reliable companion. The key finding from this paper is highlighted in this tweet:


The question is, are these 100% "traits," or are they, to some degree that psychologists don't check for, "effects" from how we end up managing our sexual desire.

From Sex and Morality: A Debate Between Competing Neurons | Your Brain On Porn, here's an interesting study finds that sex is different from other stimuli.

Researchers looked at various types of problematic internet use and discovered that using the internet for sexual purposes correlated most strongly with the “dark” personality traits of Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, Narcissism, Sadism and Spitefulness. From “Preliminary evidence for the associations of dark personality traits with specific online activities and problematic internet use.”