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We're about to switch over to the full version of the new design, the most noticeable aspect of which is 15 different header designs which will change randomly with each page load.

Please post below with any glitches you see, or changes you would like.

Note: You should be able to hide any blocks (e.g., the Cupid's Poisoned Arrow block) you don't want to see. From the "My account" page click "edit" and you will see the personalized blocks. Also, you can hide the header itself (lower lefthand block).

Can you add a hide header

Can you add a hide header option in the account settings too? That would be useful to those on smartphones and such. The site search and RSS blocks also don't have hide setting options.

You might need a logout option in the navigation block if the one in the header disappears when the header is hidden.

The header doesn't reliably

The header doesn't reliably stay hidden. I can't yet determine what triggers it to come back. It seems it is loading and then being hidden so those on smartphones will still need the data bandwidth. Maybe the browser forgets to hide it.

Which block is "forum post notice: check FAQ?"

I'm guessing the bullets or whatever you wish to use on the Navigation and Logout blocks' text is still in progress.

I hate the fact everytime

I hate the fact everytime refresh the page or go to another page it reverts to the upper left hand corner of the screen. It annoys me because it never use to do this.

Can that be fixed and I'm on my iPhone by the way.

It doesn't do that in Chrome.

It doesn't do that in Chrome. Might be something about how the site is working on the iphone browser because I see this happening in the WebOS browser.

Wouldn't another page always load at the top unless there is a new post and then it jumps there if you select that new post link?

Yes. But what I'm referring

Yes. But what I'm referring to is when you are switching to different topics and it's loading the page. On the iPhone it zooms in to the Nagavation menu on the top left corner of the page.

I'm using the iPhone 4 and using the Safari browser.

Another user option might be

Another user option might be to use or not use rich-text. I see pros and cons so far. For example, rich-text has a built in spell check while making browser spell check non-functional. The Spell Check As You Type option doesn't seem to have a default enable option. I've not tried this on a mobile device on which I imagine this would be a mess to try to use.