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Hey guys

Are there any men on this forum, who have tested their testosterone & dopamine levels? I'm a bit eager to test my own levels, but I would like to get some feedback from men who have done this before me.

I also asked this question on www.yourbrainrebalanced.com (definetly join that website, we need more people!)

thanks a lot!

Alot of plastics is estrogen.

Alot of plastics is estrogen. What happens is that humans (and animals) get a fucked up endocrine system. Which makes us fatter (estrogen=fat), weaker dicks, smaller dicks, less sperm, less testosterone, less fertility. Not just that. We also get weaker sex drive. Less drive to dominate our surroundings, etc etc.

There are a couple of documentaries on this. Check them out.

Also, because soy is cheap most farmers feed their animals with this. Soy=estrogen.

The simplest advice would be to change your plastic to glass containers, avoid fast food, filter your water.

To further clarify, the

To further clarify, the chemicals in plastics that seep out into the water or juice (or whatever) are pseudo-estrogens. I believe they are called Xenoestrogens - chemicals that behave like estrogens and they are freaking everywhere. Im not sure that they can be filtered out by a simple Britta filter or something like that. But i would think that you are better off with distilled water - at least it has been purified before being placed into a plastic jug. Hell even water filters are plastic. I guess we just do the best we can! Lifting weights has been working for me. I had my levels checked 2 years ago and they were high of what was considered normal-healthy. THough, I can't remember the numbers. Still had porn induced PE back then though and I realize that I shouldn't have been so concerned with T in regards to sex.

Your last sentence explains

Your last sentence explains why my worries probably are a bit unnecessary.

The thing is, when you have developed a porn persona, you've also developed certain beliefs about that persona. These arn't necessarily true, but rationality doesn't serve us well when it comes to our emotions. For the same reason that, if you feel weak, don't have much confidence or you don't have a lot of sexual appetite, you easily think "oh I must be having low testosterone".

Weren't you afraid that your test may indicate that you were having low levels?

When i first tested (may last

When i first tested (may last year) I had 13 nmol/L (low). When I then tested now in january this year i got 19 nmol/L. Just by changing my diet, avoiding certain plastics, not jerking off so often. Although i read on yourbrainonporn that jerking off doesnt decrese testosterone levels.

Also studies have been done

Also studies have been done showing that cell phone radiation can lower sperm count and T levels. The suggestion from these reports was that one should keep his cell phone as far away from his crotch as possible at all times. I have been doing this for about a week.

I've been wondering about

I've been wondering about this. I don't keep it on me at home. But when out, it can't be too far away and a leather belt isn't much shielding. Maybe I could go back to life without it or keep it off.