Testosterone Levels and Rebooting

Submitted by ShiningLightBulb on
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Hello everyone. Like many of you I'm rebooting to rid myself of the unproductive hours spent viewing pornograhy and it's associated well documented negatives on one's life. The reboot is going fine ( currently day 17 for me) and I feel I can go forever without the PMO or MO combo. It's my last year of university and plan to enter the military's pilot program upon graduation. My concern is if the lack of sexual activity is contributing to falling testosterone levels which would stump my resistance training and recovery and hence physical evaluation performance. I have strong aspirations for my career and wondering if a full reboot my not be appropriate for me.I don't ever plan on using porn, but if my t levels fall due to abstinence, a weekly masterbation/ sexual schedule would probably suit me best. Any ideas?