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Marnia, thank you so much for your book, your husband's TEDx video, and this website.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years. We became empty-nesters a few months ago. With that, my sexual demands upon my wife increased, now that I no longer had the inhibition of kids around. I figured, if the amateur wives liked the moves that I saw on the various free porn sites, that my wife should and would like them, too (she hated them). Then, two months ago, I had abject performance failure. I had seen your husband's video six months before, and put two plus two together, that my porn addiction had killed my ability to perform with my wife.

That afternoon, I did research, ran across 'No fap' websites and, ultimately, your website. I devoured everything online and bought and read your book (and Diana Richardson's two books on Tantric sex for women and men; I just received Leigh Martin's book today, too). I went cold turkey on P/M/O that day (I am 51, and had been M-ing since 14 or so).

You have performed a most valuable service for folks who have awakened to trying to repair their relationships through changing how they approach and engage in sex.

My wife and I have been at Karezza for six weeks now (including a 12 day no-intercourse break-in). I feel comfortable in saying that it will save our marriage. I am no longer an endlessly demanding, needy person. My wife is much less snippety, now, too. And, my ability to perform has returned.

Again, thank you to you and your husband for your selfless efforts. Your work has been most enlightening. I especially enjoy your footnoted highlights/summaries from the various esoteric traditions and sources, especially Cayce, Gnostic Christianity, and ACIM (I was a practicing, life-long Roman Catholic until a few years ago). The books on your website by Stockham, Von Urban, Noyes, Lloyd, and others were most informative and helpful, too.

I had paid no attention to 'A Course in Miracles' until I read your various pieces today. It looks fascinating and worthwhile.

I have been working towards spiritual enlightenment these past few years. Reading and meditating has been helpful. So, I am greatly heartened to read that Karezza/sacred union is a demonstrated -- and maybe surer and faster? -- path towards such. It sure is a lot more enjoyable!

Best wishes to you and your husband in 2014, and keep up the great work!

Thanks for your note

It's fun to make new discoveries, isn't it? We wouldn't trade the harmony in our marriage for the old way. Everything is more playful...and productive this way. And the sex is good as well!

I'm glad you're enjoying paddling around in the esoteric regions of the site too. It intrigues me that so many different traditions had echoes of similar wisdom. We're still not walking on water, however, so there's clearly more to learn. Biggrin