Think I'm addicted, trying to reboot and I have a few questions...

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I only just discovered "yourbrainonporn" last Tuesday, and I haven't had an orgasm since :D I use porn a lot and have been masturbating everyday (sometimes only once, often more times a day) since the age of 12 (I'm now 22). I've had the problems for a while now, I never had any idea they were through porn until now.

I've actually noticed that already after a week I get more spontaneous erections and morning wood which I haven't had for ages, even though they're still only weak. Anyway I sort of relapsed a little last night, ended up talking to some girl online and she was talking dirty, ended up getting horny and masturbating (although I didn't even allow myself to get anywhere near orgasm)and was wondering about that? I was fantasizing a little over this girl obviously, should I stop that in future? Will it hold me back?

Also, would playing with a girl sexually help speed up the recovery process? As in just messing around without having intercourse?


it's often called edging, where you don't have an orgasm. And it is not helpful.

What is helpful is to have a real girlfriend or a cuddle buddy who you can cuddle with, and if you do have sex, have intercourse without ejaculation and without any pressure to perform.

Messing around on a cam

is probably not going to be helpful.

Congratulations on your progress. Often people notice improvements...then a long flatline...then the improvements become more stable. So don't play with fire for now.devil


I'll have to cut that out then. Well it wasn't on cam, it was some girl from a dating site, but still yeah guess it's not helpful even to be imagining it. This sucks :p well I'm sure I can find someone to play with, it's gonna be a little embarassing having to explain this though.

I also have another question. On "yourbrainonporn" I saw an article where a guy explained that he locked himself into a cb3000 chastity device to stop himself from masturbating, would that be a good idea or not? I would do it but those things look tiny, and they seem to stop the penis being able to become fully erect? Wouldn't that be harmful?

imagining it is the same as doing it

really, the brain doesn't tell the difference.

Locking up your penis doesn't sound like a good idea at all. You want to think along  the lines of, what does PMO do for me? For instance it may help you deal with loneliness, or it may replace your meeting real women. Whatever it is, you need to find a substitute behavior that can over time replace PMO. That is how you recover from an addiction in my opinion.


I don't know

He just used it for a while at night because it was his habit to masturbate when semi-conscious. If you have any doubts, then don't use it. I don't like unnatural things, myself, but I try to put up everyone's solutions here if I think they may sometime be helpful for someone.

Messing around on cam....

.... didn't help me much! It think it is as addictive as porn if not more so as it involves more search followed by reward. Time wise it can be life wrecking! I would avoid it.
Keep going Ivor!

Yes, it will hold you back.

Yes, it will hold you back. Stop jerking off. Stop talking sexy with girls online. Hell, block your facebook if you have too. Your sexual future is on the line. Don't be like me (at 28) struggling with this shit. Do a sixty day no porn no fantasy diet. Get on it.

I'll add....'s more than just, "your sexual future" it's your future!! If it gets a hold of you this addiction will rob you of lots of things - time, self esteem, confidence and energy!