Tips with convincing her to engage in coitus

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Hello, me and my girlfriend often engage in sexual activity but because of her past circumstances she is very uncomfortable with having the phallus in vagina connection. The only sexual activity that we do is foreplay.

We are also both very familiar with sacred sexuality and most of our foreplay consists of stimulating each other, transmuting the energy up the chakra system to avoid too much "heat" and then going back into it. Despite how weird this sounds this is actually very successful; we get lots of enjoyment and we never have too much arousal, even though because of the fact that foreplay causes semen loss naturally I do end up losing quite a bit of seed and then I get that mental dopiness which comes with it, but its never enough to damage our love for each other...

I have two questions: How can I get her to engage in coitus and what are some tips on keeping away from that mechanical conveyor belt thought process that leads to orgasm? I have never had one with a partner in my life and I never want to because the risks of causing damage in my relationship with her is too much.

Thank you so much in advance, this site is so good for humanity.

I think she might like

to read Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson. It's a bit redundant, but she is likely to find it very healing. Once she has finished that, I think she may have some ideas herself about how to proceed. She can watch an interview with the author here:

Good luck! You get the great lover award for being willing to take it slow...and for desiring and even closer connection.

Thank you

Thanks for the article. I am 16 and she is 17 so I think we will wait for a while before engaging in intercourse but I definitely, DEFINITELY want to try some of that energy stuff and if everyone has any examples of non-penetrative energy things I would greatly appreciate it!!