Your Brain on Tetris

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I don't recall this coming up here. No wonder some need the red X (X isn't a possible shape using a Tetromino). This after effect of brain imaging/processing/searching might further explain why someone who spends a lot of time searching a virtual harem, might look for the same things in the real world only to not find them. That mismatch could explain some of a porn brain's disinterest in the non-harem.

Has anyone tried to tease apart local stimulation (neurons that fire together) from global brain stimulation (dopamine and others)?

My guess is that

for many of today's young porn users, an addiction to erotic sexual novelty, more than "virtual reality," is the driving force. Never before in human evolution have men been able to switch constantly to a series of ever more extreme and novel stimuli, erection in hand - thus conditioning their sexuality to need unprecedented degrees of novelty. 

The fact that some eventually find their chosen synthetic world more attractive than the real world is no different from any other addiction. A sensitized brain pathway is constructed for the addictive "reward," and everything else seems pale...sometimes for a very long time thereafter.

Not belittling "tetris" as a concept, BTW. Just saying it might have a neurochemical overlap with addiction (or any other pathological learning, such as unwanted sexual conditioning).