Cupid is available on Kindle!!

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Cupid's Poisoned Arrow coverThanks to everyone who wrote to the publisher! I just noticed that Cupid became available on Kindle on August 31, 2010.

It's $9.99 ($8.96 on Amazon).

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Maybe it is cheap enough now

Maybe it is cheap enough now to be covered by health insurance now. Imagine doctors proscribing books and reading materials instead of drugs.

I saw some silly late night commercial for a male pump that it approved by Medicare. Our American society is messed up. All one has to do is observe almost any other society and it becomes glaringly apparent.


I am running osx 10.4 which does not support Kindle and the Borders here in Singapore doesn't have it. Is there another e-version I can buy? I might go check out another book store tomorrow but if Border's didn't have it I doubt this one will...

Other versions at...

I got beat to the ebooks link. Also search "cupid's poisoned arrow pdf" in case someone has a better price on the other versions. I'm not sure these other versions are official. Marnia do you know?