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Thanks for the wonderful workshop. I have read your book and will read it a second time. I learned so much about my behavior in past relationships. I have been married twice and feel if I had the awareness of my body's chemistry, those relationships may have taken a different path. Already the awareness of the feelings that can arise has made a huge difference in the way I respond to them. I would like to thank both you and Gary for your presentations. M

Thank you so much for all the energy, heart and organization you put into the workshop this weekend. Your light shines bright and your contribution to our world is immense. We had a wonderful time. I found it to be such a relief to talk about this subject with people who can relate. Thank you for letting me know where I can be of service. F

Great lecture although I only got to hear part of it due to another engagement. That was enough!! You are a wonderful speaker and the subject was one of my favorites!! M

Thank you! Our time with you really touched us deeply and we had so much fun discussing your life changing work. It's been a wonderful adventure these past few months and if it wasn't for your book, I am not sure if Jeanne and I would be in relationship today. I will continue sharing your work with the people down under and when she returns in a few weeks time, we will start again with the Exchanges! So, blessings and keep up the great work! M

Just finished listening to your show on Jefferson Public Radio. It was GREAT! Congratulations! F

I know its not your way to necessarily acknowledge the depth and importance of your work, the generosity with which you give it and the lightness and humility with which you share it — but it touches me deep down in the quietest part of my heart, where only the most fragile and beautiful things can touch. I feel very honoured to know you both — thank you for your friendship and for coming to share your work with everyone here. F

Wow! What a great radio program! What you said made so much sense, and served up much hope, I just had to thank you. I look forward to reading your book, and pointing others to it. Best wishes and keep up the good work! M

I just heard most of your show on the radio. Excellent!!!! (The Fed-EX guy delivered a package during the part on masturbation - his expression was funny - it catches people's attention and gets them talking!!!) Very well done!!! F

We enjoyed your presentation on Maui. We have your book and have been doing the exercises. Thank you for the great writing skill you have and your clarity on this subject. M

I truly enjoyed your talk and energy and brave heart. F