Introduction to the site

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Welcome to Reuniting!  The purpose of this site is to explore the connections between sexual behavior, neurochemistry, and relationship harmony, by sharing insights from science and diverse spiritual traditions.
If this is your first time here, the site can be overwhelming because of the sheer volume of material it contains.  Below is a list of some of what you will find here, along with links for your convenience.

General introductory information:

About karezza- Visit Karezza Korner and Karezza Recent Posts.

Karezza In The News- Press about karezza

About Cupid's Poisoned Arrow- Information on the book (previous version Peace Between the Sheets). There are lots of articles on topics from the book here.

About Us- Information about this site and the people behind it.

FAQ- For questions about how to use the site or whom to contact with technical problems.

Site abbreviations- For acronyms often used on the site.

Resources- Videos, mood-tracking tools, energy circulation exercises, and other resources relating to karezza.

Main features of the site:

Forum- This is a place to discuss any concept related to relationships, sexuality, and spirituality, and to read about others' experiences. Note: Karezza Recent Posts is for karezza and relationship issues. Rebalancing Recent Posts picks up additions to all blogs as well as the forum itself.
Blogging- if you would like to blog,click on "Members' blogs," and "My blog" link will appear under it. TIP: If you are an addict, you may want to write your posts off-line and then come here to post. The less time you spend on the computer, the better. As one recovering porn user said, "Guess what’s more tempting: 1 minute for pasting the pre-written file or 15 minutes figuring out the posting, while surfing in the net, simultaneously?! Enough said."
Tip for finding additions to your threads: go to 'My account' and 'Track' and you'll see all the posts/comments you've made and whether or not there are new comments.

Wisdom- This section contains links to original material from diverse spiritual traditions on the topics of relationships and sacred sexuality, along with a number of articles.

Science- Archive of articles about scientific research related to sex and relationships.

Other resources:

Searching- This site is equipped with a search box in the left sidebar.

Pornography Addiction Support- Although porn addiction is not the focus of this site, site members have been discussing porn's effects on the brain and what helps with recovery for five years. We finally created a separate URL for related information, although we still share one forum, here. Visit Your Brain On Porn, to (1) learn about how Internet porn can have unwanted effects on the brain, and (2) study the experiences (and tips) of recovering and recovered visitors.

Exchange of the Day- Fun bonding activities to try with a partner.