Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza

Happy loversKarezza side effects may include more energy and a healthier libido

Not long ago, there was a brief publicity flurry about a venerable, but little known, approach to sex called "karezza" (pronounced ka-RET-za). ABC ran a news story and karezza articles showed up from Argentina to India. The ladies of The View even grappled with it. A karezza subreddit gained steam, and Germany gave birth to a new karezza website.

The Nursing Male

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A couple of years ago, Daryl (who posts from time to time on this site) suggested that my wife try working with a jade egg. When we finally decided to get one, she worked with it off and on for only a few months – interestingly, something quite incredible eventually began to happen.

Karezza increases oxytocin, but is it not a problem if it does not also increase dopamine?

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I was reading this: https://www.reuniting.info/will-orgasms-keep-you-in-love

This article and other articles seem to be saying that bonding between male and female is dependant upon mainly 3 hormones: oxytocin (which creates feelings of love and comfort), dopamine (which create feelings of excitement, happiness and longing for the person you like) and serotonin (which help one feel comfortable and satisfied with oneself).