Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza

Happy loversKarezza side effects may include more energy and a healthier libido

Not long ago, there was a brief publicity flurry about a venerable, but little known, approach to sex called "karezza" (pronounced ka-RET-za). ABC ran a news story and karezza articles showed up from Argentina to India. The ladies of The View even grappled with it. A karezza subreddit gained steam, and Germany gave birth to a new karezza website.

Study: The Clitoris—An Appraisal of its Reproductive Function During the Fertile Years: Why Was It, and Still Is, Overlooked in

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Blue Balls testicle swelling

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I have read the rest of post about blue balls but I haven't succed.

I have tried soft intercourse but the result is always blue balls. If not eyaculating is normal it shoudn't generate pain.
I am suffering testicle swelling and I don't know what to do. I thought that perhaps you could help me.

I meditate during the week and I am relaxed without problems.

And the problems come over the weekend with a girlfriend who comes to visit
me at my house. We are practicing karezza as you comment in your book.