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We are trying hard to maintain a nice and safe area for people to share and learn.
Most notably, we often have to deal with spammers who register and post in these forums to promote gambling and pornographic web sites.

However, we are not always aware of everything that occurs within this site. We rely on you to repport any activity by any member that you would consider abusive. Please send us a mail or send us a private message and we'll promptly investigate the matter and deal with abuse.

Make Sex, not Love? Über die “Scharfstellung” unserer Triebe! | Heike Melzer | TEDxStuttgart

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Men are reporting that Viagra works with porn, and with partners not at all.

German medical doctor and neurologist speaks about porn's effects on relationships.

German with English subtitles. Excellent.

Study: Does your partner's personality affect your health? Actor and partner effects of the Big Five personality traits

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This was fascinating. Sexologists behave as if a partner's openness to sexual experience is the loftiest, healthiest outcome for sex - whatever the costs. Turns out that "conscienciousness" yields better health and quality of life returns.