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Please report abuse and spam

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We are trying hard to maintain a nice and safe area for people to share and learn.
Most notably, we often have to deal with spammers who register and post in these forums to promote gambling and pornographic web sites.

However, we are not always aware of everything that occurs within this site. We rely on you to repport any activity by any member that you would consider abusive. Please send us a mail or send us a private message and we'll promptly investigate the matter and deal with abuse.

Interesting study finds that sex is different from other stimuli - at least online

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Researchers looked at various types of problematic internet use and discovered that using the internet for sexual purposes correlated most strongly with the “dark” personality traits of Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, Narcissism, Sadism and Spitefulness. From “Preliminary evidence for the associations of dark personality traits with specific online activities and problematic internet use.”

Study: "The emotional cost of poor mating performance"

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The emotional cost of poor mating performance


•People who experienced poor mating performance experienced more negative emotions.

•People who experienced good mating performance experienced more positive emotions.

•Mating performance had a moderate to strong effect on emotions and wellbeing.

•About one in two participants faced difficulties in intimate relationships.