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"When an Orgasm Can Destroy Your Life"

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For men with the rare disorder Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome, orgasms can lead to days of physical and psychological misery

Hiding errant boners during surprise Game of Thrones sex scenes is a familiar scenario for many men; for David,* though, the consequences of arousal are more consequential than embarrassment.

casual sex in quail parents affect offspring, make them insecure

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“If parents developed a pair bond, offspring are more social (although they have been reared without parents),” writes animal behaviorist Océane Le Bot, who led the study, via email. For their research, her team saved 30 male and 30 female broiler-line Japanese quail from an industrial farm.

Technology and Its Effect on Your Relationship

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My girlfriend has a subscription to "Psychology Today" magazine, appropriate for a therapist. Even before we lived together I would look at her copy of the magazine and read an article here or there—really annoys her when I start reading it before she gets a chance to. I have suggested that maybe she needs therapy to work on that annoyance. She suggested that maybe I needed to be less of a smartass.

Experiment on strangers being affectionate

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Here's an interesting experiment where a series of strangers, two at a time, were asked to pose in affectionate stances for a photo. At first the people felt awkward, but after touching each other in that way using body language that suggested closeness and caring, most of them started to feel a change come over them.