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Sorry for all the confusion. We have a new web guy helping, which means he didn't know the site from the bottom up like our former helper. Moreover, the upgrade involved a double upgrade - from 5 to 6 and from 6 to 7. This has made the process more challenging than usual. On top of that, our host seems to be having unexpected problems that only affected Reuniting (due to the forum?), not YBOP. 

Intro!!! 20 years old, tall, blond, handsome and unable to perform! 35 days in

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Well hello everyone and let me start off by saying thank God I have found and this site. I could not imagine the amount of pain I would be sentenced to due to a debilitating addiction to porn and spanking the monkey [bigsmile]
Welp where do I start with this whole thing I have a lot on my mind so organizing this into comprehensible words and sentences is going to be an issue, but here we goooo.

Questions Raised About "Love Hormone's" Real Impact

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Questions Raised About "Love Hormone's" Real Impact
By Stephanie Pappas

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Or is it oxytocin? This so-called "love hormone" is involved in social bonding, and it always seems to get a publicity boost around Feb. 14. But research suggests that oxytocin isn't all roses and heart-shaped chocolates.

Welcome to the Inner-Wisdom Oracle

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seeking divine wisdom

Feeling anxious? Not sure why? Wondering about your next step?

Use this tool to contact your inner wisdom. Each time you visit (or refresh) this page messages will appear in response to the questions below. Use the randomly-generated messages to gain insight into how you could approach something differently, or see a situation with greater understanding.

Bathroom Sex and Brainchemistry

bathroom stallsAs this article reveals, the search for sexual thrills is often about an addictive quest for high dopamine and an altered state, rather than sexual orientation. This is in contrast to sex that strengthens neurochemical equilibrium.

...the transgression and fear of being caught add an extra thrill to the experience ... and no one cares about your "orientation" in a lavatory -- in there, it's all business.