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Hi there! It’s been quite a while that I participated in this forum. Part of the reason is that, for most of the past couple years, I lived at a Christian center in the US, and the internet connection there filters out this website.

need advice on masturbation.

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Hi all,
I had been a porn addict almost whole my life.i was also a masturbation addict. I have a problem of premature premature.I am clean 50 days now.recovering.I have lesser intrest in girls nowadays.though thats emotional issue rather. I have been doing kegels and jelqing since few days. The morning woods are back with occasional erections in a day. i get 80-90 percemt erections mostly. am not sure but could i opt for masturbation/orgasm someday sooner? How long should i wait? This te honestly without porn.i am fi this time.

Reboot First 24 Hours

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So it's been awhile since I've posted on this site. In the three years since I last blogged I've had a lot of victory over masturbation and the inevitable fallout. In late 2013/2014 I went for 5 months without bringing myself to ejaculation. It was a long hard road and since then I'll occasionally go for 2-3 month dry spells. I was also in a relationship where I experienced the power of affectionate touch. Such peace and contentment....and the incredible sleep I would have after I would cuddle with my sweetheart.

Fogg Behavior Grid

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I don't recall this being posted, but it's far from new. It's of general interest regarding how we start and stop behaviors and add or remove process, technologically or otherwise.

Stanford's School Of Persuasion: BJ Fogg On How To Win Users And Influence Behavior - Forbes

Does anyone else feel like this..?

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I am wondering if anyone on this forum has dealt with feeling like they despise or feel disgusted by high energy sexuality and sexual personalities I tend to feel really triggered by highly sexual women and I'm not sure if it's because I am afraid of my own potential bisexuality or the aspect of my life or if I am not very sexual at all and I feel shame about that.

Had an orgasm one month after my last one- realizing that orgasms are not worth it, and sustained "doing nothing" Karezza interactions are

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I don't have much to say especially since I already wrote this entry once and then my phone died :P but I feel I need to share my insights anyways so I don't forget or lose them. I was not intending to have an orgasm but because we were low on time and did have not enough time for a sustained relaxed interaction I "wanted more" and had a small orgasm.