Fogg Behavior Grid

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I don't recall this being posted, but it's far from new. It's of general interest regarding how we start and stop behaviors and add or remove process, technologically or otherwise.

Stanford's School Of Persuasion: BJ Fogg On How To Win Users And Influence Behavior - Forbes

Does anyone else feel like this..?

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I am wondering if anyone on this forum has dealt with feeling like they despise or feel disgusted by high energy sexuality and sexual personalities I tend to feel really triggered by highly sexual women and I'm not sure if it's because I am afraid of my own potential bisexuality or the aspect of my life or if I am not very sexual at all and I feel shame about that.

Had an orgasm one month after my last one- realizing that orgasms are not worth it, and sustained "doing nothing" Karezza interactions are

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I don't have much to say especially since I already wrote this entry once and then my phone died :P but I feel I need to share my insights anyways so I don't forget or lose them. I was not intending to have an orgasm but because we were low on time and did have not enough time for a sustained relaxed interaction I "wanted more" and had a small orgasm.

How orgasms short my ability to listen with emotional intelligence + the number of days in my "cycle"

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This is a sprawl note that I made in my cell phone after a realization about orgasms and their influence on worsening emotional exchanges between my partner and I.

Checking in After 5 Years

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Wow it's been 5 years since I blogged on about my experiences, and since then it seems like an entire subculture has sprung up around this stuff, including TED talks and various online forums. I've been looking at the nofap community, and it's great to see this stuff starting to enter the mainstream consciousness in a very real way. I was talking to my brother about the nofap movement the other day, and he's trying it himself, after going through various issues with sex and relationship. Then it occurred to me, that this is where my recovery all began.