Finally reached week 1!!

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that after a long struggle and a bunch of up's and down's, I have finally made it back to week 1! I have also joined NoFap, which helped me a lot. Those guys have tremendous stories, and their feedback is really quick. The first couple of days were hard, but I am learning to cope with school/work/PMO and the pressures that each can bring! Happy to have made it to a week, but I want to reach 4 weeks, and then maybe 90 days!

Summer Anxiety

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I leave in a few days to work at a very isolated job up North where there is very little contact with the outside world. Ive done it before but I started going a little loopy before. I was hoping not to come back but I need the money for school and was unable to find another job that pays as well as this one.

Day 1

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Slithering out of the cave
Covered in filth
The worm seeks water and light

Plan 8,962: Start telling the truth. So much is in my head and edited. I want to stop the manipulation and coercion.
Oh yeah, less tolerance for abuse and more compassion for myself.

Plan 8,961: Develop my "I Don't Give A Shit" attitude

Some rebalancing effects I notice

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I find myself drawn back into this world again recently. I am committed relationship of about 8 months. I entered into the relationship with a good foundational awareness of how orgasm affects me psychologically and physically, and stayed orgasm free for a few months. But my partner seemed determine to make me come and he eventually succeeded! Now I am in about a once-a-week rhythm of orgasm, sometimes up to 10 days. It's not quite working for me!

Life's changing

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Hey guys it's been couple years since I didn't post here, (I'm not a big internet blogger) but I wanted to tell you guys what's going on. So earlier I found this site cuz I was having a porn problem which led to me thinking I was gay or something. So it's been 2or -3 years and I will still admit I still view porn but at the same time there are some days in which I control my self or just don't view it. For example mon-thur I might view porn but then when it comes to fri-Sunday I'll just not view it.

Confidence boost!

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Had a great night out tonight! Currently on my third day of no PMO and man I can see differences! At work yesterday I had such a bad fog, but instead of jerking off when I got home I called a female friend and we went to the bar. I was socializing and enjoying the music. It was such a confidence boost!! My goal is to reach a week. The fog is coming and going but mostly going. I feel so happy at this moment. I don't want to get too excited though until I reach day 7!!!! Ahh wish me luck. Tomorrow after work I'm going to a club with some lady friends! Ahh! #MojoSwitchedOn !


"Straight" to hell

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Hello guys, I find it necesarry to share my story with you, because I believe I am in a position where my life is completely in chaos and since I can't tell a soul about this, I thought I might get a bit comfort by writting this to you. On top of that, the leve of help I need is enormous so.... Yeah.