Ramblings and revelations

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My spiritual evolution and all its twists and turns has lead me to believe that I must now learn to channel my sexual energy in a creative productive way. Recently I practice 6 weeks of semen retention and I envisioned it having a profound effect in my relationship and sex life. The opposite came true, although i still am a believer in retaining ones seed for many reasons. But it was my experience that my wife and I grew further apart and my sexual energy overwhelmed her. It is true that we already had an imbalance in this area but this seemed to amplify the difference.

newbie seeks advice

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I am new to being a member of this website but have been exploring sacred sex for a year or so now. I am currently on day 45 of semen retention which is a record for me. I am hoping to reach 2 months but I am curious if anyone believes" the longer the better " or if I am at this point OK to start again. My goals are : ejaculation control, deeper understanding of my wife, more energy for life, and to learn the art of karezza.

Sexual attraction

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I am getting attracted towards my sister in law. Every time i see her I am like just grab her and finish it off, but then i control myself as it would be wrong to my brother. Even she some times try in provoke me or may be thats my misundestanding but i am in a totally confused stage. Now a days i just try to avoid being near her as its very difficult to control myself. But then even she some time play with me, like last time we went to a movie, i was having pop corn and while watching the movie she was taking popcorn from me and suddenly she touched my penis instead of taking popcorn.

Supplements to recover quicker

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I always am very anxious and cowardly in the first days after ejaculation, I think this is mostly due to the decrease of neural androgen receptors that happens after ejaculating. Does anybody know a way, to increase androgen receptors(amount or just general sensitivity of the receptors)in te brain? Would be happy to hear from you guys.

Almost 1 1/2 years of sobriety, and then... (WARNING - MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS)

Submitted by Proverbs31.30 on

Hello everybody, it's been a long time since I've posted here last, but I'm currently in a situation where I feel the need to share about my struggles again.

I indulged in FMO for the last time back in 2013, when I was interested in somebody. However, it ended in another buried affection; and I even got so depressed at some point that I lost any interest in fantasizing.

Wanting to Further Heal through Courtly Companionship

Submitted by Donna Rene on

I am new to this Karezza site and am very intrigued by the concept of mutually pleasurable, non-dominate, non-orgasmic-oriented sexuality that actually builds a united relationship rather than break it apart.

I am a very hesitant but curious willing participant as I am an abuse survivor and want to believe that male-female sexuality can be redeemed.