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Welcome! This website highlights the intriguing parallels between (1) modern neuroscience discoveries lovemaking montageand (2) sacred sexuality traditions that emphasize the importance of using sex to achieve inner balance. Every major religion and many other traditions, both secular and spiritual, contain clues about the wisdom of learning to manage sex carefully to achieve greater wellbeing, relationship harmony and even heightened spiritual awareness.

Yet for the most part, sacred sex mysteries have remained in the shadows of mankind's awareness because they run counter to our most fundamental instincts. Now, however, science is revealing how those instincts, in the form of our primitive brain programming, may be acting as an emotional wedge between couples, negatively affecting our health and longevity, and contributing to our resistance. Indirectly they reveal why we might want to take a closer look at some of the wisdom of the past.

Here you will find articles about sexual traditions such as Karezza, Taoist sexology, and Gnosticism - traditions which encouraged profound merging and complete satisfaction without conventional orgasm. caged ratYou will also find science articles and abstracts of recent neuroscience research suggesting why such an approach might promote wellbeing. Because of the huge market for drugs like Viagra, much sex-related research is occurring worldwide. Amazingly, a lot of it points to the wisdom of choosing a holistic solution over short-term, potentially dangerous, pharmaceutical manipulations.

The goal of this website is to encourage visitors to reach higher and find their innate goodness through increased inner balance. Therefore, you will not find "sex magick" or material encouraging sexual satiation. If you have insights you would like to add to this effort, please visit our Forum.