Day 20 - Supreme Fail

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Hey guys. Blew it today (literally/figuratively). Was keeping pretty good until I had a wet dream 2 days ago which in turn caused a major chaser effect that lasted 2 days. Probably more, but I lost control and stroked the doke.

This is definitely an interesting journey. The past 20 days of abstinence from porn and masturbation, after nearly doing it my whole life (porn started 13, masturbation when I was in the single digits... long story).

But I'm strong willed. One slip was enough to shove me back in my place. I swear I will never actively look at porn or masturbate again.

p.s. I say “never again” in an effort to not get to a point where it’s “okay” to try. If I say “one month” I’ll be immediately tempted at the 30 day mark. If I say “never” then it’s more abstract and less tempting. This way, it's treated like an arcade game (keep rackin up points!).

So I'm gonna blog about it here: (edit: my writing can be profane. title of blog is a lead in to that.)

and I'm gonna participate in the community. I feel that perhaps writing down my thoughts and communicating will help make it easier for me to relinquish myself, and maybe in the process help someone else as well.

Cheers and good luck to all!

Thanks for

chiming in with your experience. Those chasers are sneaky, eh? There's more to orgasm than scientists have yet investigated. Can't wait until they start digging in. Here are some of the tidbits we've already gathered:

Anyway, good luck with your adventure. Seeing any changes yet? We'll add your blog to the list:


quite the interesting article that you posted. While they're argument about married couple and karezza is flawed, it's still an interesting thought.

The idea that oxytocin release on orgasm is also mad interesting. Gotta do some critical thinking on that one. Learn something new everyday.

And I'll probably not blog here as I'm as organized as a garbage dump. I like to keep things centralized ;]