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So, It turns out that Santa Claus used to be Odin a long time ago....
The fact that early christians grafted pieces of pagan ritual and such into their own celebrations in order to get more followers tells me that there was much less of a rift between pagans and christians and that pagans could not have been viewed as "EVIL" like they are now... I think that labeling and all the horror stories came later as a justification for witch trials and the inquisition.
Oops, is it okay to post controversial subjects like this on reuniting?


kurisu, the modern santa

kurisu, the modern santa claus is a conglomerate of the saint nicholas, whom the sinterklaus of holland was based on(which modern santa is based on), and odin. They both have similar characteristics, including big white beard, red cloak, generosity, and possibly something about a white horse(remember, this is sinterklaus, not the more modern santa with reindeer). Of course, this could simply be coincidence, but I find too many coincidences throughout many mythologies and think there may be relation or correlation.


Some of the Victorian-era books I've read (i.e. Louisa May Alcott) that have Christmas scenes distinguish between "the Christ child" (baby Jesus), Saint Nicholas, and Santa Claus...but refer to at least two of them, if not all three! Saint Nicholas seems to have merged with Santa Claus over time, at least to most people who aren't very familiar with the saints.

Santa also shares the red hat and beard sported by Tomte/Nisse, an elf from Nordic lore. Unsurprisingly, he was sometimes credited with bringing Christmas gifts.

Hey, pinup, are you

Hey, pinup, are you interested in certain mythologies, also? A couple years ago, I read some things about gnosticism, shamanism, carl jung, and some buddhism. But I was drawn to them and this was the start of a great change in my thinking. I really like Carl Jung's ideas on archetypes, and the idea that just bc it's "all in your head", doesn't mean it's not also real... They could simply be spirits of another plane of existence, not necessarily "higher" that are aware of things we are not. I believe that a lot of these mythoses people came up with throughout history may be actual higher beings who have helped mankind, in fact, I'm pretty sure there has to be higher beings other than the tyrannical, jealous, vindictive, and vengeful God in the bible, or we would have been enslaved long ago or something like that. I just can't believe in a higher being who punishes people for having the same character flaws he does....


that's the late Gisele MacKenzie, a Canadian.

The neighbors, alas, cannot hear the song. The dog actually belongs to our 81-year old neighbor who broke her hip and is convalescing. She (the dog) is a mini-Dachshund.