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Today marks day 6 of no porn, masturbation, or orgasm.. I came across this site and your-brain-on-porn a month ago. The furthest I've made it without PMO is 2 months.. I was homeless and PMO was not on my mind..

Some of the benefits between 1-7 days for me are:
*Confidence slightly increases.
*Comebacks / retorts are more natural and are thought of quicker.
*I can start to look people in the eye... not for long though.

Benefits between 7-14 days:
*Confidence increases more - thoughts of wanting to go to college or advance in career.
*Morning wood frequency increases.
*Random libido

I can't remember much during my 2 month no pmo period. What I do remember I will list.

2 months:
*Confidence soars - not willing to take b.s, will throw down with anyone if confronted.
*Cannot trust other males - I get very territorial and cautious.
*Flirting with girls becomes second nature...
*Increase of size in penis during sex.. Normally 5" with porn, 7.5" during sex. Don't know why this is.

Disadvantages of going no pmo:
*Increased anger... Almost got into a fight on thursday when I was insulted by another colleague.
*Random erections

I did find a study that showed testosterone increases with abstaination, and it wasn't the 7 day Chinese study.. If anyone is interested I will try to find the link.. I will keep this post updated with my progress as I "restart" my no pmo journey.

Welcome numb

I'm glad you have a home now.

Yes, the "temper phase" is not unheard of here. We think of it as a phase of withdrawal, which for most guys does pass. However, you could also consider a "healthy masturbation" schedule, if you feel you're rebooted.

Some pro-porn advocates use the "anger phenomenon" (indirectly) as a way to laud porn use...because crime goes down, etc. when men turn into porn-zombies. However, that's a very high price to pay for calmer men. Seems like you guys might want to explore powering-up and then learning meditation or something, rather than automatically assuming that powering-down is the right answer. Meditation:

I number of guys have reported that when they use porn, they gradually begin ejaculating with less than full erections. Do you think that would explain your observations about penis size?

Sure, we'd like to see your study if you track it down. Guys certainly see benefits from temporary abstinence, so ultimately I guess it doesn't matter what the mechanics are.

Also, start your own blog if you like.

Post the testosterone study

Post the testosterone study if you have it.
First, young men are suppose to have aggression, which needs to be channeled into accomplishing goals, hunting, games, finding women, protecting family and tribe etc. In modern society agression is channeled into watching sports, video games, drinking, drugs, porn, you name it.

Second, having a partner, (which would have already occured in a hunter-gatherer society) tends to balance the agression. You would be married and maybe have several kids by now.

Third, modern life is full of frustrations, fears, dissapointments that did not occur in hunter gatherer society. Emotions such as underlying fear and sadness are often transformed anger.