Day 3, don't need p, but want m and o

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Day 3, and its been pretty easy getting rid of the porn, or thoughts of watching it... my biggest concern is having strong urges to masturbate and controlling them. I am starting to rationalize that masturbating without having porn on my mind might be a good idea, but I keep reading the whole healing process is better if I don't do it. Has anyone been able to recover while still m'ing??? Again the desire for p is not there, but I feel like I need the rest.

It's entirely up to you

As a general rule, the less you orgasm at the beginning of the reboot the better. But the real issues are porn fantasy (to your brain it's about like looking at porn...strengthens some of the same pathways) and binging. If you masturbate, you may have a stronger than ever craving afterward, leading to a binge. Did you read about the chaser effect?

HiTwolfcelti, DO NOT


DO NOT MASTURBATE. Seriously, the minimal thing you keep behind thinking you can do with it and won't ruin anything will be the death of the champion. It was like that with me at the beginning, just a small email pretty harmless at first sight was keeping my fantasies alive although I didn't watch or masturbate to porn for a few weeks before the email got deleted. The hardest for me were the fantasies. They get into you like mad when you least expect it, even when you think you are better, or capable of controllign them as they don't come to you soo much at start/middle. When you masturbate you will eiteh rorgasm or edge, which triggers the chaser effect for the next days. I read it here and had the opportunity to see it in real life. Good luck, I am still on this journey but got some successes that make me happy I ever started it. I believe you will as well, strength !